Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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due to my last night post, everyone has been asking me. 
i am sorry. my mouth are zipped to told stories. 
they said, don't try to keep the masalah by yourself. 
no, its not the masalah, but the lesson i learnt when i grow up. 
people saying this and that, why don't u come front? 
me? As long as Allah knows, i need no human knows more. 
but, people will see u in a bad ways.
only the true friend and family knows me well. 
are u doing fine?
alhamdulillah, my life has been great lately. 
i learnt to know multiple personalities of certain people. 

alhamdulillah. rezeki Allah datang dalam pelbagai bentuk. 
i got the offer, i couldn't tell for now, but it makes my day. 

alhamdulillah too for my Proposal Research sudah menjadi bahan rujukan untuk bengkel ilmu or spreading Action Research after i got cemerlang for it. i hope i am doing great in my upcoming Action Research too as it is benefit during our interview. semoga Allah sentiasa permudahkan jalan hambaNya. ameen ya Rabb. 

alhamdulillah too for  my passing kerja kursus of EDU3107. it was a great collaboration with Cecilia Suter. the one who always giving out opinions. alhamdulillah.

now, i am preparing for my final exam. let's me pass with flying colours. 

oh ya, dear u. who said, org yang xpenting patut dibuang, i don't apply that. i just apply don't simpan, not PATUT DIBUANG. i am not that GREAT to buang2 orang. i am cool with don't care anymore thingy. Sorry. if u want to apply that, go on. Allah bless. assalamualaikum :) peace be upon u, classmates. 

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