Monday, January 7, 2013

12 Hours Journey.

Assalamualaikum. Happy New Year people. Happy January babies. Happy back to school. Happy all Happy :)

i am back ! 

it's January 7th already. let's hop in our 2013 with the greatest love we can give to others. don't hesitate to love. love the beloved, love the foes, love anyone. beloved merrier the life, foes made us. i said laaah. pfttt.

yesterday was one of the best memories ever. 12 hours spent with dearest. history was born. let's make it short.

1) Our first fipper. it's comfort. it's grey and black in colour. 

he stepped on my feet! 

2) Our first rings and bracelet.

i have no picture of our rings. tskk tskk. later will take some and upload. just to annoy you. hikhik ^^,

3) Our first catching wave and sun and sand and sea at Pasir Pandak, Santubong. 

ala-ala AirAsia gituuuu~

4) Our first movie and it's Les Miserable. 
this movie worth watching. it's a musical drama film. a few lines said and the stories mostly told by singing. the cast sang the song and some of the melody keep repeating and its become my lullaby. lol. musical drama for our first movie together sound romantic. AHAHA. 

all things done within 12 hours. we walk, eat, rest, walk, eat and rest. 

i bet this is for now. i need to focus on my AR lecture. till then. 


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