Sunday, October 7, 2012

pictures of yesterday.

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera and Happy Sunday.

Sunday? yay! its Sunday. but, wait! Tomorrow is Monday. urghhhh. i always hated Monday. like Garfield. :D

Browsing through my facebook, I laughed on myself re-read my old statuses, re-viewing pictures of me. I am such a complicated person isn't it? My mood swing whenever, wherever I want. Sometime, when I am happy, I am so damn happy. Like Marilyn Moore back to breath again (errk??). but, when I am sad, world turn upside down. As in pictures, one thing I do realize, my size. Am I a balloon? Sometime, I look BIG like Big Momma, sometime i feel 'kurus' like Paris Hilton. ecececece. my weight still haven't reach its stable and ideal point. sometime, it reach 60kg wooo. sometime, it 55kg awwwww! i hate talking about MY weight fyi.

back to my not so big title. pictures of yesterday. since I didn't update much in this small blog this one year, I feel like wanna do a short update of yesterday, yesterday and yesterday. not in words, but in pictures with little captions. ceyyy, I hope these can help me remember what had happened in my life when i browse through my blog in future. u know, memories can be fade but its will be remembered again when we had something that will ring the bell. aiseh. ayat belum mcm power. phewww! now, lets begin the story.


at Stampark for our PJ project. but, look like we are more having fun than performing duty as the organizer.  :D

hats off! while waiting for the athletes, we played on our own. during our IPG's sport day. me as the head of judges :D

playing around with masks. can u tell which one is me? where was this ahh. Boulevard? forget ehh. 

at Stampark too. my 5 and half years girls. 

after busiest day ever, we spent a night on dinner together. this call, the tinggi Karasian :)  i am the shortest tapi :D

me as the teacher. i miss them much. *shed tears*
recently, during our 4th Annual Dinner. i am not into the theme. taik cicak! memeyy ah.

this picture that we have chosen for the competition. taken by Qastury Pictures. wanna his contact number, beep me :)

 i think this is enough for now. this running nose is killing me, silently. do enjoy reading my blog. my dusty and poor blog. thanks for reading. before u leave, sedekahkan al-Fatihah untuk saya ya. Assalamualaikum.

love, monster29. 


  1. update lagi.. ktk yg avatar ya nak?hehe
    btw, kmk xda jalan2..sikpat crik ktk mpun tribal bag..huhu..mianhe :(

  2. ahaha. u got me! xpa, tggu ktk jalan2 :) mun tertemu, pdh jak lak k :)

  3. good for you.. and yeah, im keeping my way through updating my entries. hoping i will not be 'missing' anymore. pray hard ;)

    1. sorry for the late response. i am quite busy. i couldn't put myself on air, as my broadband is doing shit now. but, i keep on reading urs. keep updating :)