Tuesday, January 10, 2012

choose any title u want


its been a while i have been away from this blog. i admit that i am kind of lazy recently, after too many errands to run. i need to pack things since i have to move to my friend's room. like seriously, there are three of us in a small room, like sardines in a pot. yes, exactly. in order to avoid of staying out, we need to hold everything inside. we have to. the bittersweet of life i guess.

i was a little bit down recently. i have received my last semester result. my pointer goes down, and yes. i have expect that to happen since i spent so much time on other things than my revision. the stupid me, its a lesson though. don't spend so much time on unsure things. please don't. my dream to be first class student seem far to achieve. i have to strike 4 flat, but its seem impossible with my current study style. ehhh, nothing is impossible kan?

enough with the disappointed result. i want to thank someone for the blast weekend i had. spending my time with him worth my weekend. he merrier me. giving a smile through my hardest time. thanks. :) as for me and J its end again. the chemistry between us turned zero. i can't stand when he keep bringing in about my past. its better to end. till then peeps. goodnite and assalamualaikum.


  1. sngnya dpt 3.5 and above...OMG!!! knk mekorng susah -.- wuwuwuwu

  2. not tat senang. :'( susah jugak.. mok imbang gerko n subjek major..huhu.. BIG gk.