Friday, December 16, 2011


Assalamualaikum :D

i was sitting at our lawn, looking up for the bright moon but it not there, perhaps it hiding. then, i am counting the millions of stars, at 30 count, i've stopped. the stars is accountable. its take hundred perhaps thousand years to count them all. then, i am sighing. my friends getting engaged n married. i am envy of them. some of them have their steady boyfriend and girlfriend. as for me, its complicated. honestly, i wish i had someone who will always be by my side through my thick n thin, the one that i can share everything, the one that will be telling about our future's plan n mostly, the one that put me as his priority above all others thing. i am sighing again. i wish, i can meet someone that will love me truly and dearly. ameen. enough will all the emo-emo's thing. i am going to jot down 29 things that my future spouse must known. haha. :D jommm, lets read. if u are sleepy reading that, you should eat cabai. u know cabai? cabai is cili. u know cili. chilies that mat saleh called it. muahaha. weird.

1. why 29? because i was born on 2.9.1990. others than 29, i love 2, 9 and 8. why 8? i don't know. i just love the '8' design. round and round. twist and its meet. :) blur. saya juga. haha.

2. i am no fan of cucumber, onion and vegetables (except for taro, kangkung, shitake and button mushroom). i hate cucumber the most. i can't stand the smell. its really annoyed me when someone purposely putting some cucumber near me (moreover, on my dishes n plates). its damn stink. i can fall faint by smelling them. yucks. i hate em.

3. i love to colour my nails when the my monthly visitor comes visit. heheh. who say, muslim's girl can't wear the nail's colour as the others. we do okay? n, i always pick black n bubble-gum colour. well, currently, i love to wear solid purple and solid red. my nails look sexy :D

4. i am starting to use hijab this year (2011). before this, i always get my hair free. as i am growing, i got to know that i am more pretty in hijab than freeing my hair. its true ok. muahahahahha *evil laugh. jeles lettew*

5. i love plucking and strumming the guitar. i have one. its purple in colour. its was my birthday present. :) but then, though i had spent a year on learning the guitar, i am still a noob. i only know to play 'inilah cinta by akim', 'big girls don't cry by fergie' and 'retak by ella'. itupun, dengan melihat kod. sandiii. i can't play on my own. i don't have the talent but i will always learning. i am planning to sing 'hero' during my wedding day just for my husband. awww. so romantic of me kan kan kan. =P

6. i am a big fan of RED. since i was in primary school, i will put red as my priority although my family keep asking me to choose PINK instead of RED. olololololo. pink is only for cutie. i am not part of them. i was a messy girl, love power rangers (Tom is the red one. loploplop) and i am not cute at all during my childhood. i was dark n thin. too thin. i am a weird back then, that why i had red as my favorite colour up until today. my hp is red, same goes to my lappy, camera and my FB's name. haha. i wish i can have a red toyota wish soon. ameen.

7. i am the youngest among my 4 siblings. i am mak usu :) my siblings were all girls. but, we left 3 since my eldest sister was died when she was in my mum's womb. i got brother. the truth, he is my stepbrother. he was my mom's and my stepfather's son. he was the eldest among us since his father is my mom's first husband. she hot. ok. haha. heyyy, our siblings name kind of unique (saya rasa lahhh. haha). my brother, Alimin. my sisters, Ana n Ani respectively while mine is MAWAR. orang lama memang suka nama2 pendek. --" my brother is 37 years old now, while my sisters are 26 and 24. me? baru 5 tahun. awww.

8. i don't know how to drive auto car. poor me. i don't have any chance to drive auto one. i dare myself to drive auto one day but i will always pick manual for my car. hehe. lagi dua tahun mau tunggu ow. owh Red Wish. wait for me baby :)

9. i love crabs, prawn n squid so much. i love them and i never be sick of them. i can eat 2 bowls full of prawns. please trust me. haha. i once ate a big pile of crabs (5 kgs in weight i think) without hesitating it. its just yummy. i am the true crabs, prawn n squid's lover. talking about crabs, our fridge currently full will 3 kg's of sea crabs. i prefer mud crab more than sea crab. but then, i still love crabs. lapar. wuwu. (i was called ayuketam during my childhood.sedey)

10. i love night. because, i love staring at the round + bright moon and counting the twinkling stars. i am easily immersed in my own 'world' when i am looking at the sky. someday, i will go and step on the moon. for my honeymoon perhaps. HAHA. who know kan? my 45 wedding's anniversary present kan kan kan. but, i need to marry the crown prince la that. ow William. marry me. :P

11. i love kitchen. salah. cooking. haha. cooking always my passion (wewitt!!) i love to experience with the spice and herb. i love to make the new batter. n, currently, i am addicted on baking the cake n pancake. yummy. i love pancake so much. call me poyo or perasan mat saleh, but i am in love with pancake. sumpah sedap. mcD pancake always my favourite. thanks to my cuzz, Azmi Anuar for inroducing me the sedap-ness of pancake. pssttt, i have the simpler way on making the batter. go to supermarket, bought the nona's pancake flour. u just need to add egg, oil n water. then, its ready. haha. but, u can always try its original recipe. but, remember, u only can make pancake by all purpose flour. bukan tepung gandum okay? =P

12. bowling-freak. i love to bowl but i am not a good bowler. cam poooooyo cakap suka bowling. but, i love them. who can beat my record? my bowl's ball always strike IN DRAIN mostly. noob kan? haha. i always get the lowest marks. hauhauhau. i just love love love love bowling. the unforgettable moment of bowling yet the embarrassing scene in my life is when my body landed on the lane like a plane. flew! ko ada? i flew quarter of the lane and i failed  to stand up since the lane kinda greasy and oily. like palui. my friend got me in the picture n he use the picture to threat me. dem u. but. Mid Valley Bowl, one day, i am gonna pay u for the freak time. wait la.

13. i am such crybaby. wuwu. i am fragile when its come to something that break me. i often ending up crying like a baby. when i am watching the hindustan's movie, i will always put the tissue near me n pretending to wipe the eyes with the alasan 'alaaa, mata masuk habuk.' my trick doesn't work anymore but that will always be my excuse. haha. i was once crying when i saw the abandoned cat n dog. i cried too when i saw the hungered baby bird. n, i cried the most when i started to long for someone that i love. haha. slap me. but, its still me. u cant change that. i cry too when i heard someone sang song for me. touched me deep deep deep inside. ngek. n, tears always filled my eyes when someone bringing up about my dad. i am a crybaby. manja xhingat tempat.

14. to be honest, i love romantic thingy. i love doing romantic things. n, i want someone that romantic. aww. i love doing childish thing such as writing our name on the road using fireworks, making weird faces n snapped it, smear the face with ice-creams n icing, walking in the rain together without umbrella, wearing the couple shirt n lot of things lah.its romantic okay. its childish but it mean a lot. if u can't do this for me, forget about being with me. when i get married, i want to make him on the bed breakfast, massaging him before we sleep, make-up him during our weekends. i want him to help me cooking, washing and tidy up the house..awwwwww.sweet. berangan lagi. haha. during the 'pacaran' time, i will always want to walk hand in hand, makan suap-suap, movies together, having our picture in wallet n so on. i can't wait to have the new bf. haha. i want to write him the song. hoho.

15. i hate liar the most. trust me. i can never forgive the liars. lie will end everything tremendously. hurt me with the truth. don't comfort me with the lie because when the lie is discovered, its hurt me n will take much to heal.  and, don't be surprise if i hunt u until u down. i hate liars. more than i hate the thief.

16. i am easy to fall sick. in a month, i will fall sick atleast once. and, when i caught by cold n resulting in cough, its gonna take weeks to recover. i hate it when i cough. my throat ripped apart. ok, that lie but seriously its pain me much. actually, this happen as the result of my life routine. i don't take proper meal, i love consume junk food n beverages. i even love to sit in front of tv than jogging. n, i don't get my sleep well. blame me. i am in process of changing my lifestyle except for cucumber thing. euw.

17. i always get attracted to cute and charming boy. errr, i mean the actors. for e.g, when i watching the Runningman, i dream of Joong Kii, then when Yong Hwa (more cute, kawaiii.)comes, i dont want Joong Ki anymore. haha. when i watched The Vampire Diaries, i want Damon Salvatore. owwhhh handsome. the same things goes to Randy Pangalila (hero of sinetron Nada cinta). but, there someone that i don't get sick looking at. AKIM AF. phwwwwwww. nosebleed owh! dah jawak, sora kacak. adoh. mok kawen ngn Akim. keyut :D but, heyyy my new boyfriend, don't get jealous ya. they are actors. =P

18. i am using Follow Me Silky and Straight Shampoo, Schwarzkopf Leave on, Dove Hair Serum and Loreal Vita-C serum for my hair routine. as for my facial routine, i use set of Loreal White Perfect (consist of cleanser, toner, day cream, night cream and sunblock), Miyami Compact Powder, Lipice Lipbalm. while, my shower set is always Dettol the original and Morning Dew Palmolive. my perfume ? i stick to Victoria Secret Dream Angel Desire. its hard to find the original since i need to order them overseas. i only use the original once in my lifetime (thanks auntie, its running out now) n i need to find the miniature of fake VS. Tskk tskk. Why Malaysia have no booth for VS ah? hate it. my make up? i am not sticking to certain brand. but, i use Kate Eyeliner, Maybelline Mascara and no-brand make up kit. haha. i am not M.A.C user, can't afford the original M.A.C. huhu.

19.  i love camwhoring. currently, i have more than 500 pieces of webcam's picture. aiyahh =.=" that tiny things is great, i tell you! haha. i do love taking pictures. i am on my way to have my own baby (Mr Nikon). i wish, i can get him asap. harap2 xda yang menghalang. ameen. i love photoshoot, but unfortunately, i am not a model. boo me. i can't pose well in front of the camera. i got this bad habit when the camera is about to shoot me. i am such a kayu. T.T i always get scolded by the photographer ' heyy ayu, can't u make another pose?' uwawawawa. seriously, i don't know how to act but i love to stand in front of the camera. haha. n, i love to make some weird face. yes. its ugly. damn ugly. haha. even the duck is prettier than me. =P

20. i have this insomnia issue. poor me. i hardly can't sleep earlier especially during my single day. haha. when i am in any relationship, i swear, my eyes will fall asleep without any force. haha. vego much. i am suffering from this insomnia. i often sleep around 3 am n wake up around 11 am.(that during holiday, when its study time, i woke at 6.30am regardless what time did i slept at) my subuh always kantoi. wuwu. when i am getting ready for the bed, i will put my head on the pillow and stare at the ceiling. until i sleep. but, its still took ages for me to zzz-ing. i will always spending the 'me-time' by thinking. mostly, i will think about my past and future. the past that i need to learn from and the future that i want it to be. i will put my hand on my forehead, having my pillow between my legs and a blanket over my body. phewww. me-time yang great! ohyeahh \m/

21. chocolate? handbag? shawl? sneaker? flat? i am the die-hard-fan of them. seriously, if u thinking about giving me present, i would love to if u get me a packet of chocolates regardless the brand. i do chew choki-choki. its yummy. hehe. 

22. every morning, i will spent 15 minutes in toilet. haha. it's another me-time. though i am not in the state of 'throwing that things', i will sit properly for 15 minutes. haha. malu eyh. then, i will take my bath atleast for 12 minutes. =P i will start my bath's routine by shampooing and massaging my scalp. lalalalala~ i will clips my hair (masih bersabun ya kohh) n start to put shower cream on my body. ohyeahh. i will foam myself. best. sometime, i will play with the bubble. haha. i love to make my own bubble. with the foam all over my body, i will take my toothbrush and brushed my teeth happily. haha. then, i will rinse my body and my hair. end? not yet. i will shampoo once again and rinse. after that, i need to wash my face with my Loreal cleanser. then, its done. ohyeahh.. my 12 minutes is done. i don't need any conditioner for my hair ^^

23. jealousy synonym with me. es. admit it. i am kind of easily to get jealous person especially in relationship BUT.. a big BUT okay. i am not going to get jealous if u had explained n u prove it. hoho. i am the type who make my own decision n i dare u to change it if i am wrong. my first assumption always worse but if u explained n prove what u had explained, everything is ok. based on my experience, i can mixed well with my ex's exs. got it? their ex-girlfriend la. no jealous at all. but, i can get jealous eventhough she is only ur friend, not the special friend if u treat him more than a friend deserve. got it? thing gotten worse if u trying to defend her without explaining it. ok? its common la when people get jealous. its mean insecurities because they don't want to lose u. okay?

24.  i am 157.5cm height and 52kg weight. i am looking for someone who is 160+ in height and 60+ in weight. haha. because, i love to wear high heels and i don't want to be look awkward if we walk together. i want him to remain taller regardless i am wearing as high as i want. and, i am the girl that easily gain weight but luckily haven't exceeding 60kg. i always want him to weight more than me so that he can't tease me gendut, gemuk or whatever. =P

25. currently, i am not in any state of being in a relationship because my heart still gone. =P this is the truth and don't ask me why. i am not ready for it. perhaps, i don't want any relationship. i just don't meet someone that love me truly. 

26. i love bundle. i don't really need something that new all the time, something that branded-watsoever. i xmalu masuk kedai bundle, tgk baju, beg and watever thing. if the thing catch my eyes, then i will simply bought it and wear it happily. who care about the price? i am not a choosy. ok?

27. i can spent the whole day on the phone. n, of course with someone that special to me. haha. i can text him non-stop 24/7. ok. that lie. but, i really can. only with him. someone that special. to be honest, i am not the type yang text2 org except for my bf. though i am single, i don't need to find someone to text with because it will leak my credit. haha. i am kind of kedekut. haha. 

28. i have this scar on my right side of tummy. its 5 cm in length. its was the scar from my first operation. as usual, appendix. huhu. i also have weird tongue. my tongue torn into two in the front like the snake's tongue. u can call me alien but i am kind of proud. pftttt! haha. 

29. i am a true lover. agree less? haha. i don't need to prove it. if i love someone, i will love him truly, deeply and dearly. i will do anything that i can for him. but, i hate someone, its took ages perhaps i will hate him until the last day i breath.

phewww. done at last. it took three days for me to finish this. hoho. couldn't read no more? me too. couldn't write more. pen off.

flying without wings. pfttttt! 



  1. use conditioner dear...nnti rmbt hujung mati ^^

  2. @life is like cupcake, dulu pakai conditioner. skg, suka cari shampoo yang skali gus bagi dgn conditioner skali. so far, rambut sihat. :)

  3. DEM! im not in any of ur 29 list? uhuhuhuuhuh...sad :'(