Sunday, September 18, 2011


tho i am dem busy wif my assignments, i wont let my dear belog berhabuk. so, let feel my babbling, mumbling together-gether. today i am goin out wif my girl, Amira Izzatie. i am hunger for pizza hut. nyum3. n, i am malas nk story pjg.. upload gbr je la kn.. nway, tq pisang aka Ridhwan n Aira for joining us. also, thanks mira, for the treat. love yah..nnti kita sama2 pakai baju baru kita keh. lop lop lop. 

hahaha..asal nk kuar, gbr depan mirror dulu. funny !

he is called pisang. y? look at his shirt. its banana !

aira ! hello girl. hehe

my favourite all the time. hawaiian chicken. lop lop lop

another pan of pizza and its pepperoni. ohsem. sedap ^^

balek da.. n, tis is how i look from the back. cantek jugak eh. hahaha

p/s : i treasure every moments. tq mister Olyympus ! i love yuuu.