Saturday, September 17, 2011

a short moment merrier me much !

woot woot ! eh, not lah. ngeee ! eh, gediks lah. weeeeee ! angry bird pulak dah. ASSALAMUALAIKUM. tis one baru betul. hye hye hye. happy saturday! (tho the day near to end in less than few hours). 

i am sleepy. yes i am. i slept late last night. i slept on 6 am after subuh. i can't sleep. well, my mind refuse to stop functioning. my small brain doesn't wan to stop thinking. dem u brain ! u made me insomnia ! i wake up at 10a.m (oh my ! if mom know, she shall cane me for sure. i miss u mom. yes i do. ILY!) ekceli, for tis weekend, me and my beloved pretty-hansamu classmate already plan to hang out. our next stop is tHE spring. well, i am kinda in trouble wen it comes to tHE spring. my first trouble is food! to be honest, the food at tHE spring doesn't suit me much. the only things i can eat there are KFC, pizza (oh my ! my pebret !), SCR and Big Apple. but, all of them cost much. my second trouble is, my lust on shopppinggg! i am a girl who love to go shop. i shop anything. flats, bags, shirts, watch. anything. so, to prevent the leak of my wallet, i left my ATM card and go out with rm80 in wallet. HAHA. poor me. third trouble ? of coz their toilet. the prestigious shopping mall in Kuching have a niceeee toilet but it had no tap! mistake2. but, tis doesn't trouble me much as i was known as muka xmalu meminjam gayung di jamban. HAHA. who cares ? it hygiene wat ! introduction so panjang. but, unfortunately, tis "talent" is useless wen it comes to assignment. otak jammed ! the main point i wan to share is our motive going there. its for MOVIE ! hoyeah hoyeah. we all heard the fuss about Johnny English is an excellent movie. so, to witness the excellence, we experienced it by ourselves. at first, i don't put much hope in the movie as i am not impressed by the tajuk. JE: REBORN. lame ! but, after an hour and half, we exited the entry with a big smile at face. u know y? because we can't stop laughing during the watch. indeed ! its an excellence and 4 stars movie. i don't know Rowan Atkinson can talk shit much. hehe. swear. it's my first time seeing tis actor talking much since he was a bebal in his famous short drama, MR Bean. haha. so, y wait? grab urself at ticket. sit properly. and laugh ! u shall enjoy the movie ba. i guarantee u. 

tis short moment merrier me ! it does. half of the burdened fly away. being single worth sometime. i enjoyed my day without thinking about anyone. my phone seem to be mute today. i spent my day with laughing and giggling tho i know they look weird as i am faking them. hehe. i laugh till tear coming out. no one knows i am crying. but, it's okay. i need to empty my heart watever its takes. ^^
oklah, i am tired of babbling, bluffing, mumbling. y don't u look at the picture. well, sharing is lup lup lup lup ba! hehe. 

taken using samsung galaxy S. ^^

sapa xda ? ?

i know. cermin. HAHA




Weeeeee..mamam tyme. its HAZA !

TRIO ! ayu( nak pemes. padahal letak je me.) lesley and allen !

envy them. not them, but the ice-cream. its Cecilia and Ejal !

women in black? pink? color perhaps.

4 thumbs up ! sumpah best !

bestie ever. :)

penjaat. cucuk idong retis. isk3

with one of my classmate. k-pop kipas susah mati. 

mata penat. :)

killing tym by camwhoring :)

bek bek bek ! bye tHE spring !

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