Saturday, July 23, 2011

♥-Day 30 – A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

today at Pantai Pasir Pandak :) with classmates and Tutor.. 
1. i am bolder now. i am not a crybaby anymore. i am tougher than before. eveytme i want to burst my tear, i will just smile and tear will fades away! 

2. LKIKL giving me a gift in form of money cheque! its RM400. and, will be soon debited into my account this Monday. :) i am lucky isn't it?

3. i lost 2 kg in a month! i am now 58kg.. :) 

i am super tired to update. but, this is my last challenges. i complete it! yay~


  1. yea..habis dah.tahniah besh jak g pantei ey.hehe..maok juak ^^

  2. deng-- lak ta g pantey keyh.. LKIKL ye lembaga kemajuan islam kuala lumpur..kmk pun xtauk gney leh dpt cek ya..

  3. okie.pinky promise k.mbak mek g sia ya.hehe..aieh,bole pulak xtauk.hehe..rezeki kali

  4. mesti..kmk akan embak ktk g cya keyh :)

    alhamdulillah.. k tebus balit duit yg ilang entam saman..