Thursday, June 23, 2011

dia yang bernama Qhailani Asymui

Q : Qhai. tat wat she was called. 
H : Hyperactive little girl..sheeee toooo cute..
A : a girl who love to wear pashmina and shawl..
I : I  BALI. tat is her handbag.. often seeing her wit tis super chomel handbag.. P/S : can gve me the bag? i love it.. ehehe..
L : little girl who like to fly her smile to anyone.. look at her and she will smile! trust me. 
A : a small girl with a high pitched voice! well, dont be deceive by the looks. she cant speak loudly despite her cuteness.
N : normally seeing her at cafe.. at noon. often!
I : in love wit Qawiem..  (sorry if i spell wrong..ehehhe)

A:  asyilah Kudus is her BFF!
S: shawl! she have a lot collection of shawl.. envy her. wan some!
Y: you Qhai! stay wat u r today. smile. happy. :))
M : maybe we're not tat close, but u r one of my awesome friend tat makes me smile. 
U : unpredictable. she maybe a stalker today, but not tomorrow. HAHA.. y am i saying tis.. in a day, she will likes all my status.. tomorrow n next after tomorrow, she will be gone.. after tat, she came again..HAHA.
I : instead of calling her Qhai, i preferred calling her Asymui..its a unique name. i loike..

let me call u Asymui ya. 
I wont care if u like it or not.
as long as i like it.
if u dont like it, gimme ur name.. wan my name changes into Mawar Asymui! tantekk.. 
how we meet? through FB i think. well.. FB really can turned stranger into friends.
u r sooooooooooooo cute. u got bf which his name also started wit Q! 
its rare to find the name started wit Q. u r lucky to find one. 
we had a little memories together. no worries.. we will make up some memories.
i got two years more in the IP.. so, lets treasure time to create our memory. :)
i think, i need to cap my pen off. 
i thanked u for 'hampar'-ing a red carpet for me in ur blog..
i feel honored.
my name mentions! haha..

lotsalove dearbaby..
ur sistah!

Qhailani Asymui Ruslan
Qawiem's baby!

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