Thursday, June 23, 2011

dia yang bernama Asyilah Kudus

A : a little girl who full with smiles on her face.
S : stalker! like me..HAHA.. she know everything going on. 
Y : young girl who like to hit the 'like' button on FB pages.. not only on status, by also on comment too.. XD
I : its feel weird when there are no name of her popping out on my screen saying ' Asyilah Kudus like *****'
L : listener to me. she listen to all my sigh.
A : a girl who know about my crush n she is the 1st one to know it. HAHA
H : Her FB always full with wall-to-wall post. n, i like to stalk on them.. HAHA

K : kindhearted girl. wenever im trying to find my crush back then, i will just text her n ask.. she will simply tell.
U :unexpected. she can be at ur behind, front, beside. she is everywhere.. :)
D : dearie. she is lovable. she got a pretty smile. she had a smile tat melt anyone who can see the smile thoroughly. 
U : unlocked chest. i can dig into her heart. her life.. (perasan) as she dig mine. 
S : she is my gorgeous friend ever. 

she is called syilah among her friends. she had a kind heart. she will listen to every sigh.. she is like a sister to me. she know about my crush. she kept the secret as a secret till today. i believe she wont tell others. i always text her wenever i wan to know wer is his whereabouts. she will tell. i can rely on her. to be honest, i envy her. she got into TESL.. while, i cant even i have work through it during the interview. huhu.. 
 How do i know her? 
through FB i think. yes. its FB
1 think u should know syilah, i was once mad at u before. 
before we being friend.
because u keep walling my chang back then. 
i got jealous.
tat before..
im being honest okay?
i hve no idea now.. hishhhhh..
im going to stop here.
ur sistah!

Asyilah Kudus
tis is the amoi. 


  1. waahhh. panjanggg nyaaa. hehehe. ;) jealous? sorry sorry. i did't mean it. =.= btw, thanksss for this special post you made for me. hehe. and thankss for everything.

    love you sis. :)

  2. one more thing, sorry. just a simple post from me in my blog. perhaps next time okay. hehe. once again. thankss kak mawarrrr. ^^

  3. heheh..u said it haaaaa... i take ur u too dear..

  4. okayy. mark my word. insyaAllah. :)