Tuesday, June 28, 2011

♥-Day 3 : Your idea of the perfect first date

i got 30 minutes left before moving to day 4.
its was a busy day for me.
everything stressed me out!
my idea for my perfect first date?
its a joke question.
i have no mood in answering it btw bcoz me n Juan are fighting now. huh!
plus, i am stress with my study things.

btw, since its a game tat i choose by myself, i should play it well.

first date?
me n Juan never go on date.
our first date should be two months from now (insyaAllah)
tat gonna be the first time i meet him.
we have talked bout it.
and, there are certain things tat we planned.

1. berbuka puasa together. since it is Ramadan, we planned to have dinner together.
2. Shop for Hari Raya.

(haishhhhhhhhh.. i cant do this question. i can't think)

but, for all i know, i want a perfect date.
i dont want roses or chocolates or bend knees watsoever.
i just want a date tat will protect me all the way and make me happy.
 im sorry for the bad entry.

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