Tuesday, May 10, 2011


12 am~
just coming back from Sis Hajar's room.
im having a migrain since morning.
back from the stadium. i took my bath n sleep.
i woke up at 8pm as i realize im sewating.
my heart want to break down.
i go to sis hajar's room.
ask her to give me a massage.
i'm crying.
its too painful.
i haven't take any food, so i refuse to have my med.
i fall asleep at her room, wiv tears running down my cheeks,
n she didn't stop massaging me.
i woke up n turned around.
my head a bit lighter, but still hurt.
its migrain.
im used to it.
sumtyme, its insist until 3 days.
wen i woke, i'm straight away back to my room..
oh, i know, sis Hajar is on my bed now as i saw her slipper in front of our door.
as expected, she slept. i felt guilty.
she slept on my bed.
i've troubled her again.
i've troubled my sist.
i start my lappy.
she wake up. n, told me to shut down.
but, i'm refuse.there she say, after i'm done, shut the lappy n sleep.
aye aye captain!

i just remembered.
few months ago.
in February i think,
i'm all tears, fighting wiv chang.
i goes into her room.
she wipes my tears.
she hugged me, to comfort me.
she told me stories, to make me laugh.
i slept on her embrace.
the nite was a stormy nite.
i'm no fan at it.
i suddenly awake n cry wen i heard a big storm.
she straight away console me n tell evythng is okay.
she just like my mum.
evytyme i'm down, she can see it.
she will text me, to cheer me up.

Sist Hajar, TQ for evything.
i love u~

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