Sunday, May 8, 2011


help me.
i don't know what happen to me today.
i went to PC FAIR at TOP SPOT.
i already made a to-buy-list.
ive listed,
1. a keyboard
2. a headphone
3. a mouse
4. a pendrive.

i've surveyed the all the outlets at the PC FAIR.
i've looked all the keyboard n other stuffs.
i bought a keyboard.
a mouse.
a headphone.
a stereo earphone.
but, i din bought pendrive as the price is maseh mahal.

my keyboard n my new headphone is PINK in colour!
im no fan of PINK.
what happened?
inused to wear red, yellow, black n white but not pink. i just don't know y pink so sudden?

hello kitty

headphone lawaku~

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