Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

well. its Mother's Day.
people say celebrating the Mother's Day is wrong.
I don't argue with tat bcuz there r history behind the Mother's Day.
It's depends on us how we celebrating it. yeah, evyday are mother's day (they said). again, i don't argue. but, it wont be wrong if we had a day special for our great mum. its Mother's Day. we don't celebrate it like wat history told. we celebrate our mum in our own ways. token of appreciation to them. come on people, i'm not saying a Mother's Day is ryte or wrong, its depends on us. just like we celebrate a birthday. 'they' celebrate the birthday with candles on d cake. we should celebrate it wiv nasi kuning. but, we still celebrate it wiv fresh cream cake wat. like we said, depends on how we celebrate it. we don't pray like they do. we are in our own ways. as for me, we celebrate a mother's day by giving her a surprise party.. it's the nawaitu wat matters.

i woke up at 8.15 am after taking a short nap ryte after subuh. i made a phone call to my sist. is the plan still on the run? hell is. im taking my bath, im taking a very beautiful attire. its all for my mum. i reached at Pasar around 11am. (thanxs to the bus, i stood all the way). im going to MITA cake house straight away. i bought a fresh cream cake. i wrote on the cake, IBU, WE <3 U. hehe..

i met my mum. she asks me. whose birthday today? i play dumb. hehe..
we went to KFC. on my sist's treat.  again, she asks, wat is going on?
we open the cake's container. she reads. she said, awwwwwwwwwww... (ibu, u sweet~)
we sang her, Ibu, selamat hari ibu, selamat hari ibu, selamat hari ibu, sleamat hari ibu~
she all tears. hahaha..u r touched dont u ibu?
she said, is MOTHER'S DAY!
ibu, i love u.
we love u.
we love u so much.

here are the pictures of us.
we heart Ibu

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