Saturday, May 28, 2011



can u scrool down a little bit n see my attached wishlist number 6. Scarf's on evytime. it's one of my azam tahun baru. actually, i am not a girl who wear hijab all the time. i also used to free my hair. but then, as i am grow up, i've been decide to use hijab all the time (time wen a hijab is a compulsory). in a simple word, i want to be a true muslimah. tat wat i decided once we entered the 2011. i want to wear a hijab. but then, up until now, sometimes, im free-ing my hair.. my azam still haven't tercapai. but, i'm working toward it.. i seldom think by free-ing my hair, im beautiful. now, i wan to change tat stupid thought. i want to look more beautiful by wearing a hijab. so, i searched some hijab's style. i look into how Yunalis Zarai wrap the hijab and also followed a website entitled website tell a lot about how to wear hijab. the webiste own by Hana Tajima, also the owner of Maysaa Fashionline. she is a muallaf. she converts into Islam 6 years ago. she was Japanese n English. she had a beautiful face n i love the way she wears hijab. eventhough she convert, she still can stay beautiful in her own way. n, i adore her. tat make me become more enlightened to wear hijab. here are some pictures of HANA TAJIMA. I really adore her.


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