Sunday, May 15, 2011


they are true.
blog is a true fren.
blog is a place wer i can express my feeling.
blog is a way of releasing wat unspoken. 
wat can i say. my life pathetic now.
one month after the break-up, life sucks.
tat a fact. 
i cant do any single things ok. 
evythng i do seems wrong. 
i've lost.
really lost.
no one to hold on. 
no one to talk to. 
no one to share stories.
really no one.
i am having trouble.
if its the past, i just can throw it all to him.
he will be there to listen.
he will be there to smile wen i'm laughing.
he will be there to cry wen i'm tearing. 
he's no one can replace him ever!
he's understand all about me. wat i wan. wat i need. 
he even know wat to do wen i'm getting mad, sad, bored.
he's understanding.
really understanding. 
wen i think back bout the past, no one can do wat he has done to me. 
really no one. 
he's holding on patience evytime i lost my temper. 
he's my other hand, my other leg. 
he has given me anything, but i don't give him everything. im sorry. :'(
now i realize, i've lost one of my precious gem. 
d, wish u know how much b need u now :'(
there's a lot of heart ache i can't hold no more. 
it's hurt.
my heart bleed. 
astaga..i miss him really much.
he is gone. 

my life darn pathetic. 
i've lost, lost, lost n lost.
no one to guide me.
no one!
evyone think i'm strong n tough.
behind tis smile, i'm broken.
i jz pretending evything is ok.
wen i'm alone.
i keep staring on my phone. 
waiting for the name to pop up. 
wen i awake, my phone is the first thing i wud grab.
evy morning, i'm sighing. 
y things cant turned back to how it was?

eventhough we had a chance to get back now, i just don't think it's wise thing. 
it wud hurt us more after evything we've gone thru. 
we r differ.
wat left now is a memory.
memories hold us together. 
i miss how we laugh back then!!!
i miss how we cry!!
i miss how we changes stories.
lunch together.
dinner together.
weekend together. 
anything we do, we do it together.
i really do. 

i've convinced myself he is gone.
i'm trying my best to forget him. 
but, wat i can thanked him, he is the reason y i can get through tis heartbreak!
if isn't him, i think i'm still crying out a river. 
he asks me to get strong.
he asks me to stand on my toes wenever things get disappointed.
he asks me to head ups!
he cares. 
i've mistaken that~
he's here as fren.
it's me who mistake.
his heart belonged to sum1 else.
sum1 tat owns his heart for a long time.
here i am, praying for him. 
may Happiness come to him, again~
i really do boo.
telling u how much i adore u, is the truth. 
i am.
i'm not twisting the words.
it's a TRUTH!
i really love. 
but then, love doesnt end together. :)
we used to text a lots.
u r the reason for my smile.
i really do boo.
wen i'm down, u text me, yawwwwwwww my world bright again.
tat explains y i cant stop smiling for the whole day.
i will pray for u. 
n, i can't promise u to fade tis love, but i can promise u a shoulder u can lean on. 
i promise u tat. 
so boo, wan to share anything, u know wer to find.
i am here for u. 
24 hours, 7 days. 
take care ya.
even we texts a little now, wan u to know, i miss u.
really misss u.
succeed wiv the drama ok?

wat can i talk now?
i've written wat unspoken. 
it's empty now.
really empty. 
i missed my Prada.
she was here to cheer me up.
calling me sayang, hugging me, wiping the tears.
my life so pathetic!
i've lost in my own life. 
i've lost in my own battle.
i'm trying to find sumting tat can distract me.
but then, i end up like before.
one thing i admit, im manja.
i love to be taken care of. 
tat wat my BFF, walid said. 
u r manja.
u cant stay single.
u need sum1.
u will need.
yes, i do need!
but, i will not pick just anyone!!
i'm rather be single than be in a relationship tat mean nothings. 
so, im sorry those who offers their shoulder, i wont cry on yours. 
i'm not telling, im hot, but then, people still do woo-ing. 
i'm sorry. really sorry. 
i'm rejecting u, not bcuz u r not okay, but then, im not okay. 
we need to choose wat best. 

arhhhh..stress again!! i need sum1. boo, i need u!


  1. dear my dear ayu,
    please be in a pink of health.
    know tat i always adore your braveness, your toughness even you don't think so.

  2. tayang.. im on an edge now. waiting to broken now

  3. turun dari edge ya. dont let yourself fall. u are stronger than me. i believe tat.

  4. wish me tayang..really do pray 4 me..

  5. I done a lot of thinking todays.
    i let my finger dance according to the melody of my heart.
    tis is it.. a truth. :'(