Saturday, April 23, 2011

a new chapter of my life.
i didn't used to be single but tat wat i will do.
single doesn't mean my life ends. its jz a transition to a new happy chapter.
ya, even ive lost sum1, even evy1 noe tat i'm d reason for my past chapter ends, life doesnt end.
guys are many out there.
but, my principle
` Love when you're READY, not when you're LONELY.'
because, i was once in love wen im lonely n then its end wiv tragic heart's wound.
ive learn.
ive so many time onwards.
patience is wat matter.

i believe there's sum1 who can get my whole heart.
i believe there's sum1 who will love me despite my bad's past.
i believe there's sum1 who will love me for wat i am.
i believe there's sum1 who love only me.

Single, doesn't mean that you know nothing bout love. Fact, being solo is wiser than being in a wrong relationship.

my sist said "Its okay to be SINGLE cause its shows that you haven't found anyone who deserves you yet, and that you don't depend on others for happiness!" tat move me happiness is on my own hand. not in others.. ^^,

i dont have to rush to fall in love again. men wont drain. the one who willing to wait for u, is the one tat really love sum1's : if u really love me, wait for me. wait for me while my heart is still under construction. okay??

'I will be single, until someone proves to me their worth my time.'

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